Pre-Order Call of Duty: Ghosts at Six Flags Great Adventure and Receive Added Thrills

Six Flags Great Adventure is the country’s largest theme park and October 26 and 27 are the last two days of the season. If you happen to be visiting the park for Kingda Ka, the safari or Fright Fest on either of those two days, you can pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts, sponsored by GameFly. Inside the park, there will be a tent set up where you can pre-order. Doing so gives you even more fun, because you will receive a Haunted House pass giving you access to all Fright Fest trails. That’s not all, placing the pre-order earns you a free month of GameFly membership. Those two are worth over $30 and you’re getting them free, basically, as long as you sign-up for the game. The representatives said you pay for the full price of the game upfront and you will receive it by November 5. If you’re in the area and are planning a trip to Great Adventure and/or going to buy the game anyway, why not check out the deal?