Pre-Order NBA 2K16, Get it Four Days Early

NBA 2K’s Twitter gave people quite the surprise today. Beyond letting everyone know about the September 29 release date for NBA 2K16, they also revealed that those who pre-order it will get the game on September 25 – four days early and ahead of the street date. Pre-orders also get $10,000 in Virtual Currency, and My Team VIP access.

The increase in virtual currency is something, sure, but it’s surprising to see a company release something and actively promote it as a way to break street date. It’s definitely an experiment because it’s easy to imagine stores being overwhelmed by people wanting to get a copy without a pre-order and then being put in a tough spot. People are there with money, and if they don’t get a copy, they’ll be pissed. Do retailers then run the risk of breaking the street date, or do they hope to skate by because realistically, that street date is already being broken – people are just paying for the privilege to do it.