Pre-orders Open for Galaga and Galaxian figma Figures

The Good Smile Company has something pretty cool for fans of old school arcade shooters. Back in the day some of the most popular arcade titles were Galaga and Galaxian. Today, you can place a pre-order for figures of each game’s iconic ship!

There is a standard and deluxe version available for purchase. You receive both the Galaga fighter and Galaxian Galaxip. Each of them are finely detailed and give the classic ships a modern design. They have articulated parts for different poses along with attachment accessories. The deluxe order features a second Galaga fighter so you can show off some extra lives.

You can pre-order either the standard or deluxe on the website from now until February 13. However, they are not available to own until September 2020. Place your order and start setting up an arcade room for these to be displayed alongside the arcade cabinets!