Pre-Registration for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Opens Today

The Final Fantasy VII rabbit hole winds ever onward with the opening of pre-registration for Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier today on Google Play and the AppStore. Players still won’t be able to battle it out and see if their candidate has what it takes to be a SOLDIER just yet, but it seems that time is coming soon. When it does come, those who pre-register will be the first to know, and they’ll be able to jump in and start trying out each of the game’s five main classes: Warrior, Monk, Sorcerer, Ninja and Ranger.

As for how exactly this ties into Final Fantasy VII Remake and game’s wider universe, there was a trailer released earlier this month that helps answer those questions. Supposedly, this is a chance for fans to see how SOLDIER first came to be and how its members gained their fearsome reputations.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier launches in November for iOS and Android.