Prepare For Your Afterlife Job With Have a Nice Death’s Orientation Video

Last year at The Game Awards, we were treated to the announcement of Have a Nice Death, a new 2D roguelike action-platformer from Magic Design Studios. The chaotic nightmare that sees you playing as Death in an attempt take back his company by force in a workplace environment is set to be released next week in Early Access, so it’s time to start getting used to the world and the type and mayhem that awaits players. But do you properly let people know what to expect? Why, via an orientation video, of course! After all, as a new hire, you’re going to need all the workplace training possible in order to even stand a chance of surviving here.

The first half of the video showcases the world of Death Inc. and the story behind the company, as we see Death create the Sorrows to help him manage his reaping business, only to see him buried beneath a mountain of paperwork and worn down in more ways than one once they get out of control. The second half then shows us some of the various enemies to expect in each department, Death’s combat abilities and the weaponry and spells they can come across, and of course, the various ways one can die in a game such as this, all presented with some rather gorgeous 2D animation. Have a Nice Death arrives on the PC in Early Access on March, having quietly switched official publishers from Perfect World to Gearbox Publishing, and should hopefully be a blast.