Prepare to Enter Disc Room on October 22

Revealed way back in a different age, namely PAX East 2020, Disc Room is the latest game from Devolver Digital and developers Jan Willem Nijman, Kitty Calis, Terri Vellmann, and Doseone. As we discussed back in our preview for the game, it has the best kind of simplicity to it: Here’s a ton of rooms with deadly discs, avoid the deadly discs as long as you can, head to the next room when it unlocks and repeat, only now more challenging. It’s some terrific arcade action that we’re definitely looking forward to, and it looks like now we only have just over a couple of weeks to go until we can play it in full.

As seen in the trailer below revealing the release date, though, there are still a few twists to Disc Room that the developers bring up. The alien deathtrap that players will have to traverse sees you tackling unique goals in each room, with different hazards and different discs along the way. The facts that some goals will be a bit obtuse at first won’t make things easier. Luckily, you can unlock skills like dashes and the ability to clone yourself to make things a bit easier along the way. Disc Room comes out on October 22 for Switch and PC, and should be on the wishlists of anyone looking for a challenge.