Prey 2 Officially Cancelled by Bethesda

Prey was an FPS title released sometime in 2006, with an Xbox 360 port that became one of the system’s most notable releases that year. It wasn’t too solid a game, which makes its now bargain bin price its strongest highlight; unfortunately, and despite strong efforts, Prey isn’t a game most players would recall with fondness.

Originally published by 2K Games, the rights of the series were later acquired by Bethesda and a sequel was announced. With its 2011 announcement shocking gamers, little to no word followed the initial buzz. Until now, that is.

During PAX Australia, Bethesda VP Pete Hines confirmed that Prey 2, the moderately anticipated open-world, alien bounty hunting sequel, was officially cancelled. And while the company has no plans to expand on the IP any time soon, they haven’t ruled out a possible future revival.