Primal Spirit Traders And Quest Givers To Be Added In Warlords of Draenor 6.1

The most recent update to World of Warcraft‘s public test realm includes daily quest givers and traders that randomly join your level 90+ hero in their garrison, offering quests or trade-in opportunities of raw materials for valuable Primal Spirits. The ramping up of Savage Blood farming has seen prices of the crafting reagent drop sharply in recent weeks, and this announcement – as well as that of the upcoming Alchemy transmute for the same item – is likely to push it and its associated recipes even lower in price.

While this does mean that epic gear will be more easily attainable for those trying to get geared more quickly, it does leave doubts as to how quickly Blackrock Foundry loot and crafted gear will make LFR or even Normal Highmaul irrelevant as well as the future of the currently lucrative nature of the garrison’s Barn.