Pro Pinball Returns with Timeshock! on Kickstarter

It’s been a bit under a year since Pro Pinball attempted a Kickstarter return, and they promised a second go-round after the first didn’t make it.  Man months of quiet and a few small rumblings of plans to come, Pro Pinball round 2 arrived today with plans for a remake of one of the original tables.  Timeshock! The ULTRA Edition is live, and off to a pretty good start after just the first day of its 45-day campaign.

The Pro Pinball series was made up of four computer pinball tables released in the late 90s, remembered for their excellent physics and intricate level design.  If you were paying attention last fall you could even grab Big Race USA for free to get a sense of how well they’ve held up over time, although that offer has since evaporated.  Timeshock, having a more modest goal, doesn’t get a freebie, but donating as little as a single British Pound (or $1.50 in US terms) earns a copy of the original PC version of the game.  Pro Pinball was an excellent series that deserves its second chance, and seeing as the new Kickstarter campaign has cleared 33% of goal in just its first day it looks like it’s going to get the opportunity to live again.  Maybe, if we’re really lucky and things work out just perfectly, we might even someday see the brand-new Pat Lawlor table that the original campaign was for.


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