Pro Wrestling X Returns to Kickstarter

After the first Pro Wrestling X Kickstarter went down for the count due to insufficient funding, the folks at Wrestling Gamers United are back to hopefully resurrect the N64-era of the genre. Their goal is to bring back the Aki gameplay style that has held up well nearly 15 years after the last true wrestling game using the engine. The new pitch video showcases brand-new character models that look far more current than the old ones. Before, you had PS2-level at best graphics and now, you’re looking at 360/PS3-level stuff right away. The ability to mod things to kingdom come bodes well for the overall game as it could be made more replayable ala No Mercy with them, and it should be much easier for the game to reach its goal now. The $6,400 CAD goal is modest, keeps that N64 love alive in some form, and they’re already at $2,100 pledged.

The gameplay setup is based on No Mercy, giving you a wide variety of finisher positions without only two finisher slots to do them. The low-end figure allows them to craft the core gameplay engine and give you two playerable characters. Stretch goals include a Cell cage and a scaffold match. The former has rarely been done well in a wrestling game, while the latter has only been in gaming form in WrestleMania XIX. There, instead of a scaffold, the goal was to knock people off of a narrow platform into water – so it was a bit goofier, but still had the core idea there. Reward tiers include getting the game for $15, and supporting it in the first 64 hours allows you to take part in the voice recording for the in-game chants and recieve an in-game credit.  Everyone who supports the game gets the PWX Shoot Podcast covering the history of the project.  $25 gets you the game, a newsletter anthology eBook, and access to the closed beta. $50 gets you all of that plus design materials and the never-before-released 2006 prototype. $100 lets you get your voice in the game without being an early backer, so by all means, back this project early folks! $150 gets you some physical stuff, like a shirt and a keepsake box while $500 gets the No Mercy $500 shirt. $1,000 gets you a calacas action figure, while $6,400 gets you an actual title belt designed by the creator of Jeff Hardy’s TNA World Titles.

Presumably, you’d get a custom belt design, and while the design of that particular title is iffy, the build quality is actually fairly high. Anyone who has been a wrestling game fan and had internet access back in the early ’00s has heard of this project and seeing its trials and tribulations makes me hope it gets funded. While the bare-bones project is better than nothing, you just know it’s not the whole game they want to make – ideally, this will get funded to the degree that they can craft the game they’ve wanted to make for over a decade.