Project Cars 2 Addresses A.I. and Other Issues With New Patch

If you’ve been playing Project Cars 2, then you are well aware of the A.I. issues that have been plaguing your experience. While it seems good in some areas, there has clearly been an issue with the flow of races and your opponents behavior. Top this with a major bug in qualifying where skipping to the end inflated lap times. Today, Slightly Mad Studios pushed out a patch addressing this. While there are more issues that need to be addressed, this patch took a good chunk of it out. Check out the details below.

Project CARS 2 – Patch 1.1.3 Release Notes


  • Various AI cornering and race line improvements across problematic tracks
  • Improvements to AI balancing in snow and rain conditions
  • First pass at improving simulated laptimes when skipping a non-race session


  • Fix for the long delay when entering setup screen

Car Tyres:

  • Fix to ensure that the tyre treads are shown correctly after multiple tyre swaps


  • Fixed crash when using large Super Sampling values

  • Fix for an intermittent crash caused by missing animated meshes

  • Fix for lobby browsing and filtering that was preventing some users from joining MP games