Project Cars 2 Latest Game to Get Free Demo

There’ve been a fair few popular/AAA games as of late dishing out free demos and it looks like Project Cars 2 might be the next one on the list. Developer Slightly Mad Studios’ acclaimed racing sim have just released a taster of the game for newcomers to try out across PS4, Xbox One & PC. The demo features three playable vehicles over two variations of the same track, allowing players to get to grip with both the differing handling of vehicle types as well as the variety of weather conditions that ultimately affect how your race fairs.

What’s more, the demo also includes enhancements via the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X that will be made available for the full game, via an update, at a later date. This future update will also coincide with added VR support for the PC equivalent. You can read up on what we thought of Project Cars 2 when it originally launches in our review here.