Project Cars 3 Announced, Will Release Summer 2020

Back in November, the developer for Project Cars was picked up by Codemasters. Slightly Mad Studios was still focusing on a new Project Cars game, and we got that announcement today. Project Cars 3 will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC this summer. Though no official date has been announced, the game has received its first gameplay trailer. The initial portion of the video seems to show off an arcade element, but could be focused on some new features. The crash modeling seems to be much improved and in Project Cars 3, players will be able to customize their cars.

The simulation aspect should hopefully still be in place as the trailer transitioned to a new track for the game. Interlagos in Brazil is shown off in the trailer along with some new GT cars. One in particular, is the new Corvette. It seems unless DLC is announced for a game currently on the market, Project Cars 3 will be the first game to include the C8 Corvette, along with the C8-R. There are a few things to pick out in this trailer such as some of the cars you will see. Check out the trailer below.