Project Judge Now Known as Judgment, Arrives This Summer

Earlier this year, Sega unveiled a new IP in the form of Project Justice, also going by the name of Judge Eyes. Taking place in the Yakuza universe, it would be a mix of that franchise’s melee combat and more graphic adventure-related investigative elements, as the game casts you as a detective attempting to solve a string of bizarre murders. While we knew Project Judge would be coming to the West, it was revealed today at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase that not only has a release window of Summer 2019 been announced, but also that the game would be going by a new title here: Judgment. And with this announcement comes a new trailer, which you can check out below.

Focusing on the story of the killer known as “The Mole,” some things stick out immediately. The mention of Kamurocho, the presence of the Yakuza. Oh, and that the game now has an English dub. Yes, the Western version of Judgment has a cast that includes the likes of Greg Chun, Crispin Freeman, Yuri Lowenthal, James Hong, Cherami Leigh, and many more. But for those who prefer to keep things more authentic, fear not. Judgment will have dual audio and subtitles, allowing players to choose what options they prefer, even letting you swap between the two at will. Judgment is set for the PS4 next Summer, and definitely looks like another thrilling title in this universe to look out for.