Proposed SimCity Offline Mode Comes Way, Way Too Late

Remember SimCity’s launch? The required online connection combined with the myriad of server issues meant the game’s launch was only slightly more successful than the Hindenburg, only with more fire and tears. Maxis had long maintained that always on connection was absolutely required for their vision of…something. A product that couldn’t be pirated probably. While Maxis had long been standing with their fingers in their ears, furiously shaking their head back and forth and humming loudly to try and drown out the logic, it looks like city building enthusiasts might finally get their wish of an offline play mode.

On the official SimCity blog,¬†General Manager of the Maxis Emeryville studio Patrick Buechner stated that “exploration for offline mode is happening.” Someone out there is looking, trying to find an offline mode and SimCity might actually have one at some point in the future. When? No idea. Right now they just have a team “exploring the possibility of an offline mode” and he can’t make “any promises on when we will have more information.” They make it very clear that the server issues are well behind them, and this is just a direct result of input from fans. I would think that this sort of input should’ve been received when the first announcement of online only play was made, but it is entirely possible they just started receiving complaints. I mean, have you seen how bad their servers are?

There is some bad news for fans of the game, as in the same blog post they confirm that city size will not be increased. Although this is one of the most common requests from fans, Maxis was unable to work out the performance issues and stated that most players wouldn’t be able to play or even load the larger cities. I’m sure this comes as a disappointment to fans, but I’d trust Maxis on this one. If there is anything they are experts in, it is games people can’t load or play.