PS Vita JRPG Ray Gigant Has Release Date

acttil, llc. has officially given us a release date for one of summer’s JRPGs. Ray Gigant will be launching in North America and Europe on May 3 of this year. It will be available digitally via PlayStation Store for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV.

Ray Gigant is set in the near future where Giants have taken over Earth’s major cities. Not much is known about these Gigants, but as you play through the story with three main characters you’ll soon discover what makes them so vile.

Check out some of the key features below!

Guided by Fate! – Play through three different points of view to uncover the mystery behind what’s happened in this world. Players must battle against Gigants and a myriad of other characters.

Keep Your Eyes Open! – Fight skyscraper-sized bosses in battles with 3-Way views! For special boss battles, each of the characters will utilize their special abilities! Varying from close to long

range on the field, strategically plan attacks from each characters’ position!

Slash Beat Mode! – The rhythm-based battle action system, Slash Beat Mode, allows characters to unleash their hidden power of transformation by offering their body to their Yorigamis. If timed correctly with the rhythm-based commands, the enemy will receive a tremendous amount of damage.

Evolve Tree System! – Level up your characters’ stats with the Evolve Tree System! Master all three branches of the tree (Physical, Command, Item) to bring your character to new heights!

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