PS4 Firmware Update 5.50 is Currently Live for Download

PlayStation fans always enjoy firmware updates that are more than security patches. Firmware version 5.50 was in beta and is now live with a reported download size of 438 MB. The biggest update to come with 5.50 is the support for supersampling on PS4 Pro. If you own the console but lack a 4K television, games will better visuals on 1080p displays. Other updates include a family manager that allows a parent or guardian to monitor how much time their child spends logged into the PS4 and to set restrictions. PlayStation Plus will now appear in the library to help keep track of free games. Players can also hide games and applications that are no longer needed from the Purchased menu.

Updates to photo editing allow customized logos and backgrounds with your favorite images. These can be imported from a USB storage device and can contain a team logo, team cover images, background image for the home screen, or image for the message group. Players can also easily locate games that can be played on PlayStation VR. Other updates include improved music playback functionality, deleting notifications, and being some improvements to customizing friends and who can view them.