PS4 Masamune Update Coming October 28 With Share Play Feature

Earlier today, Sony tweeted that the PS4 2.0 software update, Masamune, will be available for download on October 28 and will add a number of new features to the system, including the highly anticipated Share Play.

The Share Play feature was touted by Sony as far back as the console’s announcement, allowing players to play their friends’ games for them over the internet. However, Share Play will have a number of regulations, the most notable being a 60-minute limit per session (though no limit was set for how many sessions could be performed consecutively). And while Sony hasn’t confirmed it, Share Play is predicted to work with all PS4 games upon launch and not based on single titles.

Other additions include the USB music player (which allows for MP3, MP4, M4A and 3GP music files to be played off of a USB drive while playing a game), themes and background colors, the ability to back up data on a USB drive, and more.

For a full list of the update features, check out our coverage right here.

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