PS4, PS2 Games on PlayStation Now Include Local Download Functionality

Although Sony’s game streaming service boasts a massive library of over six hundred PS4, PS3 and PS2 games that can be played on PS4 or PC, PlayStation Now has never gained a lot of popularity thanks to the minor but still noticeable disadvantages of playing games entirely over the internet.

Now, Sony is looking to compete more with the likes of Xbox Game Pass and EA Access, by adding the ability to download “almost all” of their roster of PS4 and PS2 games locally to the user’s PS4. Downloaded PS Now titles can be played offline, and will still support DLC, PS4 Pro enhancements and online multiplayer, even without a PlayStation Plus subscription. PlayStation is also offering a number of exclusive deals for new members of PS Now, including a seven day free trial, $10 for the first month, or a full year for $100.

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