PS4 Slim 1TB Model Announced, Coming This Month

Sony has announced that there will be a 1TB model of their popular PS4 Slim console.

500GB is, simply put, not enough space this-generation. With game installs that can range anywhere between 20GB and 80GB, the standard HDDs that come equipped with the PS4 Slim aren’t enough. Thankfully, Sony has heard the calls and is ready to provide a model with more storage space.

Taking to Twitter, the console manufacturer confirmed that a 1TB PS4 Slim model is on the way, and should hit store shelves later this month:

The 1TB model will set you back $300, and will not come packaged with a game. All you’ll get with the package is the console, a black Dualshock 4, and all the cables you’ll need to get going. Still, that extra storage space is nice, and that can be further expanded upon as all PS4 models now support external HDDs.

We’ll let you know when Sony announces a release date.