PS4 Systems Back in Stock on Amazon

Amazon has come to the rescue for folks looking to buy a PS4 for Christmas. Right now, on December 20, they’re back in stock. Lord knows how long they’ll be in stock, so if you want a system, you’d better snatch it up right now. The free + games in the form of Resogun and Contrast are still active, so if you want those, or are buying it for someone who does, they’re still good – and you can buy them on the online PSN store right now if you’d just like the peace of mind of having them cued up. Beyond the + games, you’ve also got a few free-to-play offerings including the excellent Blacklight Retribution, and cross buy games in the form of Sound Shapes, Flower, and Escape Plan – so if you’ve got those in digital form on other systems, you can just get them instantly on the PS4 as well.