Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition Coming to PC

Paradox Interactive announced that the latest expansion for Prison Architect called Pysch Ward: Warden’s Edition will be coming to PC on November 21. Pysch Ward is currently available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and has been since 2017, but the Warden’s Addition will include additional content that found in the console counterpart. Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition builds on the headaches associated with running a prison, particularly one with a psych unit. Some ways the Warden’s Edition expands on the console release include adding a new warden, padded solitary cells, psychiatrist office upgrades, orderly staff and more. Some Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition key features are as follows:

● Plead Insanity: Criminally insane inmates are unpredictable, require special care, and have their own Reputation traits for you to consider when building your prison. Let them co-exist with the general population or lock them away in a padded cell, how you manage their needs is up to you!

● Shrinks: Any prison holding the criminally insane needs a team of Psychiatrists and trained Orderlies to keep everything under control. These valuable prison staff can sedate rowdy prisoners or pull out the straitjackets when things get too rough.

● Doctor’s Note: Provide counselling to the criminally insane with the new Psychiatrist’s Office. Improve their sessions by upgrading the office with leather sofas, medicine cabinets, and Rorschach tests.

● It’s Gone Viral: Treat your inmates with care. Subjecting your inmates to excessive suppression or punishment can cause them to turn criminally insane.

● Extra Padding: Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition adds padded cells along with a bundle of new objects, floors, and wall types to customize your prison. Now you can easily build a dedicated wing for the criminally insane.

● Tools of the Trade: Additional contraband, including Adrenaline Shots, Fountain Pens (Shanks), and Gold Pocket Watches, can be stolen by your prisoners, or by you in Escape Mode.