Psychonauts 2 Shows Off New Level, Plus Jack Black

With Double Fine now being a part of Xbox, and Tim Schafer saying they would have showed off more of Psychonauts 2 at E3 after it was cancelled, some expected the long-awaited platformer to appear during the Xbox Games Showcase. Lo and behold, Double Fine did not disappoint. One of the most acclaimed aspects of Psychonauts was its amazing, inspired level designs, and the sequel is not going to disappoint in that area from the looks of it. The new level shown off begins with Raz dropping a Psycho-Portal into a brain in a jar, before diving into…a song by Jack Black.

Yep, Jack Black will apparently be lending his vocal talents to the game, as he has with other Double Fine productions. And here, he contributes an entire song as well, befitting an entire psychedelic ’60s rock show that makes up this new level. You can check it all in its glory below and it looks like it’ll be a blast to play in. Sadly, it appears the game has been delayed again to 2021, but it should be worth the wait to play in worlds like this when Psychonauts 2 comes out for XB1, Xbox Series X, PC and PS4 later on.