PUBG Corp. Drops Copyright Lawsuit Against Fortnite

PUBG Corp., the developer and publisher of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, has opted to drop their lawsuit against Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite.

Bloomberg confirmed that PUBG Corp. sent a letter to Epic Games on Monday confirming they were dropping the lawsuit, which was filed in South Korea. It is unknown if there was any type of settlement made between the two companies. The company is continuing forward with its lawsuits against Netease Inc. and two of their games, Rules of Survival and Knives Out.

PUBG Corp. gripes with Fortnite stemmed from the game’s apparent similarities to PUBG, specifically certain weapons and animations. Many have questioned whether an everyday household item like a frying pan could be copyrighted. The lawsuit also came at a time when PUBG’s popularity was dropping and Fortnite’s was rising. Both are battle royale games, though Epic Games has arguably done a much better job at keeping their game polished and up to date. To this day, PUBG remains an unpolished product.

Fortnite is available now for download as a free-to-play title on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and mobile devices. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now as a paid title on Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.