Publisher Confirms Everyone You Know With An iOS or Android Device Probably Has Terraria

Terraria is an indie sandbox game with almost a perfect mix of action, building and exploration. There really is something for just about every kind of gamer, so it really should come as no surprise that nearly every kind of gamer enjoys it. Because of this, the game has hit some very impressive milestones recently on several of the platforms it is available on according to publisher 505 games. Sales of the game on iOS and Android devices now top 1.3 million while purchases across Xbox Live and PSN have combined for over a million total sales. These are some crazy impressive numbers, and don’t even count the huge numbers the game has on PC. All of these sales number bury the headline here a bit: people with iPhones do like good games, too. If people had sent me alerts for Terraria instead of Candy Crush Saga over Facebook, I would have had to delete far fewer friends this past year.