Punch, Juggle, Dash, and Shoot in Super Crush KO Reveal Trailer

After two arcade-style shooters it looks like Vertex Pop is ready for a slight change of pace.  We Are Doomed was a wonderful combination of frantic twin-stick action and chill soundtrack, while Graceful Explosion Machine was a free-roaming side-view shooter that felt like a brawler with bullets.  Today sees the announcement of the third game from the studio in the form of Super Crush KO, and it’s a very different beast from the semi-abstract shooters its done before.

While the flat color scheme is instantly recognizable from Vertex Pop’s other games, the main character of Super Crush KO is an actual human, brawling and shooting her way across a pastel (both color and texture) near-future cityscape as a horde of robots wanders the rooftops.  The as-yet unnamed heroine comes with a number of moves to take down an AI apocalypse, and both the gunplay and fighting are designed to juggle enemies and keep a combo alive.  The intro video doesn’t reveal any information as to how the scoring system works, but it’s not a big assumption that so long as you move from one enemy to the other while avoiding damage the coveted S-rank can be yours.

Super Crush KO is coming out for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam, with a broad release date of “2019”.  It’s being shown off for the first time at the tail end of August in the Indie Megabooth at PAX West, so keep an eye out for more details as they become available.

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