Punchy Powerful Platforming with AntonBlast Kickstarter Demo

It’s been more than long enough since Wario Land: Shake It! that there’s no avoiding there won’t be another for the foreseeable future.  Mario’s mean-spirited rival is now a supporting character with his leading days behind him, which means it’s fair game for anyone who wants to pick up the slack and run with the heavy-hitting platforming that made Wario’s games so much fun.  AntonBlast hit Kickstarter today with a one-level demo to show off its gameplay, and while at first look it feels comfortably familiar there are a few gameplay quirks that make the platforming more than just an homage.

Anton is a big guy who works in demolitions, but his real interest is in his collection of rare spirits.  Satan has a rivalry with Anton and, for reasons that probably make perfect sense in Satan’s head, steals his spirits, prompting Anton to pick up his wrecking hammer to tear through an action-platforming adventure in order to restore his lost collection.  This, of course, involved breaking, smashing, or otherwise obliterating just about every destructible object in Boiler City, shoulder down to muscle aside anything in his path and hammer at the ready.  One of Anton’s major platforming moves involves smacking the hammer down at the end of a jump, using it’s force to gain extra height in a spin-jump that breaks anything it touches.  A good number of the bonus pickups, in fact both rely on this move and can be left un-pick-upable if it’s used wrong, with the necessary fragile boxes left shattered if you’re not paying enough attention.  The single-level demo has plenty of secrets to chase after, and you’ll need to make good use of Anton’s full set of skills to see everything.

The AntonBlast demo went live today with the launch of the game’s Kicsktarter.  It’s a huge amount of fun, and while the Wario influence is obvious and intentional there’s more than enough meat on its bones to rise above being a simple tribute.  The campaign is off to an excellent and well-deserved start, so check out the launch video below and definitely don’t miss the demo available through AntonBlast’s Kickstarter page.