Quarries of Scred Digs onto Steam

If you’re a regular visitor to indie digital distributor itch.io then you’re likely already well aware of Quarries of Scred. But, for everyone else, today’s launch on Steam and the Humble Store will be their first run-in with this addictive, outrageously retro-looking “digger”.

Quarries of Scred puts you in the mining shoes of Bob. Poor BobĀ must continuously dig in (procedurally generated) quarries to pay off a debt. HisĀ goal is to collect gems and ore, but also not to get killed along the way. Fans of SteamWorld Dig should find the game right up their alley.

Buying on Steam from now until April 29 will net you a slight discount, bringing Quarries of Scred down to $4.79.