Qubic Games Begins Massive Two Week Giveaway on Switch

Qubic Games is celebrating its 15th year with a giant giveaway on the Switch. If you own any of their games, including the free Coloring Book game, then you can go to the eShop and get Robonauts for free. Robonauts will be free until December 15 and after that, a new game will be free until December 24. On December 16, Geki Yaba Runner is free, while December 17 brings Puzzle Book. Fast-paced action comes with One Strike on December 18, while the 19th brings Wreckin’ Ball Adventure. December 20 sees Koloro, while the 21st has RaceDieRun. December 22 features REKT, while the critically-acclaimed overhead action game Mana Spark joins the fray on December 23. Christmas Eve will see the release of a mystery game. All you have to do to get the freebies is have them on your account when the game is free for 24 hours – then it’s yours to keep forever. While not a lot of these games are must-play, Mana Spark absolutely is and RaceDieRun is a blast too.