Race the Sun is Completely Free on Steam for One Day Only

Race the Sun is out on iOS today and, in celebration, is 100% free on Steam as well for one full day.  Getting the game is as simple as going to its Steam page and grabbing it, where it will remain yours for as long as Steam exists.  Whether Windows 100 (or the equivalent versions of Mac and Linux) have backwards compatibility with whichever version of Unity Race the Sun was built in is something we’ll find out when we get there, but for the foreseeable future the game you get today will be yours and playable for an exceptionally long period of time.

This doesn’t include the new Sunset DLC, of course, but what’s in the package is the regular mode, Apocalypse for the gaming masochists, the Labyrinth mode that originally appeared on PS4, the course editor, and access to the endless creations of the fan community.  You get a lot of gaming bang for your nonexistent buck, so head on over if you haven’t played it already and at the very least add Race the Sun to your Steam library.  It’s a fantastic endless-runner with an incredible sense of speed, and the endless hazard-covered plain is waiting to turn your ship into an arcing cloud of shrapnel.