Radiangames Soldiering On After Inferno 2 Underperforms

Radiangames has been in the indie business for many a year now, starting out life on Xbox Live Indie Games before moving on to PC and then mobile.  The last PC game from this one-man studio was Powerpuff Girls: Defenders of Townsville, which for some reason Cartoon Network has decided to cram down a memory hole despite the tattered remains of its Steam page still soldiering on.  Throughout Radiangames’ life it’s made one fun little action game after another, usually focusing on twin-stick shooting but with occasional side-trips into other genres, but Inferno 2 was the first non-licensed, properly Radiangames game to hit PC in a very long time.  Sadly, according to the latest blog post on Radiangames’ site, it looks like it won’t be joined by any others for a long while to come due to getting lost in the day-to-day crush of new games.

Inferno 2 is a sequel to, logically enough, Inferno, a 2010 XBLIG twin-stick shooter where you were a circle shooting circular enemies in a neon maze.  Inferno 2 takes that idea and adds RPG progression to the mix, with skills and weapons being powered up by the single point you earn on level-up.  Each of the eighty levels are hand-crafted, not a bit of randomization to be found, with enemies and secrets carefully placed to cause maximum trouble.  While enemies look simple, with their circular designs, they come with a variety of styles and can swarm in large numbers, and when multiple types with different behaviors and kill requirements start ganging up on you it gets pleasantly frantic.  The early levels are a little too monochrome for their own good, but once the levels get properly lively Inferno 2 turns into a neon rainbow of firepower and swarming enemies.  It definitely deserves better than to lie there lost and unnoticed.

With Inferno 2 ending up an expensive loss, what’s next?  Well, it’s back to mobile for a while, because coverage was good and Apple gave the games nice exposure.  Getting good exposure on the iOS store is something most developers would kill for, so it’s hard to undervalue how important that latter perk is.  While this has the potential to save Radiangames from going under, it unfortunately means the larger game being worked on, the NES Legend of Zelda-inspired twin-stick adventure Legend of Gigatron, is being put on hold for a while.  If you want to be indie you’ve got to be nimble, so iOS is getting a new arcade game and the odds of a PC port seem just this side of nonexistent.  It’s sad but what can you do?

Short answer- check out the Inferno 2 trailer and see if maybe it’s worth a quick $5.  I spent my own personal money on it (about two hours ago at the time of this writing) and am quite pleased with the purchase, so if color and sound and shootiness all make you happy, Inferno 2 is an easy recommend.