Rage 2 Channels Its Inner DOOM in Weapons, Abilities Trailer

Ever since Rage 2’s big reveal at E3 2018, Bethesda and ID have been working hard to ensure fans know exactly what the game is. The trailers and marketing have left little room for confusion: Rage 2 is an unapologetic power fantasy of a game. It’s out to bring the hype, and its latest trailer leaves little doubt that it’ll be able to do just that. It seems everything can be combined in this game and often with satisfyingly over-the-top results.

Players may not always get points when they “kill with skill” like in Bulletstorm, but then points aren’t really needed when one has a gun that can turn any enemy into a fireworks display with the snap of a finger. One also cannot ignore the similarities to DOOM. The big guns, the quick dashes and even the BFG are all here; it’s as if the Doomslayer decided they wanted to cut loose a bit and have some fun with their combat. Definitely not a bad look for a game about being ridiculously powerful, eh?

Rage 2 launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 14.