Raiden III x Mikado ManiaX Lights Up PC, Consoles on June 6

Nippon Ichi Software’s new and improved version of Raiden III will finally arrive on all major platforms on June 6. With heavy involvement from Mikado Game Center, Raiden III x Mikado ManiaX is set to deliver a compelling shoot ‘em up experience. See some of it in the new gameplay trailer below.

Raiden III x Mikado ManiaX will be launching with all the features one would expect of a modern arcade re-release. Players will be able to enjoy vertical screen play and a new soundtrack, and they’ll be able to do so in several modes such as Double Play, Boss Rush and Score Attack. Online functionality is also included by way of world rankings. This should be most everything a fan of these sorts of games is looking for, so hopefully Raiden III x Mikado Mania X can deliver.

Again, Raiden III x Mikado ManiaX launches on June 6 for PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch.