Railgrade Gameplay Trailer Breaks Down Rail Engineering Basics

There’s an art to logistics, one that is perhaps quite grossly underestimated by most people. It’s often the make or break part of most systems since it doesn’t matter how well each component can function of their product can’t easily get to where it needs to go. Learning this art and mastering it is probably going to be the key challenge in Railgrade, so Minakata Dynamics has put out a handy gameplay trailer to show fans what all goes into planning increasingly intricate rail networks.

Each mission in Railgrade will present players with a blank slate with certain locations to connect by rail, and it’s up to the player to decide just about everything about their new railroad. Speeds, routes, new industries, engine types and more must be selected and updated in order to keep freight moving and profit coming in. Of course, simply getting things to the right places is only the beginning when it comes to good logistics.

Railgrade is set to launch later this year for Switch and for PC via Epic Games Store.