Rain World Moves to Akupara Games as Downpour DLC Announced

It’s officially been five years since Rain World came out back on March 28, 2017, which is a very long time for a game to keep itself active for.  Rain World faded from sight for a while there due to publisher issues but, while work proceeded quietly in fits and starts, it never completely ground to a halt no matter how things seemed from the outside.  A good chunk of work, though, was involved in the developer regaining the rights from its old publisher, and that’s almost always a vicious time-sink.  It was announced back in January that the legal maneuverings were finally complete and the paperwork done, and today’s five-year anniversary livestream was the perfect time to finally officially reveal the future plans.

First up is the change of publisher, which is now Akupara Games on all platforms.  Akupara was instrumental in bringing Rain World to the Switch and now helps oversee all platforms, including PS4, Xbox, and PC.  The big news, though, is that the Downpour DLC is on the way, primarily made up of the More Slugcats mod as it graduates from fan project to an actual part of Rain World.  Rain World: Downpour will feature five new slugcats with unique abilities, thousands of new maps set in new regions, and new gameplay modes as well.  Challenge Mode is an intense test of survival in rooms getting progressively more dangerous, while Safari Mode is the exact opposite, letting you play as an observer and take over the creatures to play with Rain World’s ecosystem.

While there’s no release yet for the Downpour DLC the publisher change has taken effect immediately, with Akupara Games now taking over the spot on Rain World’s Steam page and all the console ones too.  For now there’s not much more to do but wait for the DLC availability date, but it’s good to know that there’s going to be more Rain World after all these years.