Ratz Instagib Receives its First Major Update

Rising Star Games’ quick-paced online shooter is simplistic to play; all you have to do is run, jump and shoot. You can have a lot of fun with people from all around the world and with this customization update it’ll be even more hilarious to play.

Ratz Instagib is now introducing a load of new decorative items to give your rat extra pizzazz. Your rodent will be allowed to wear multiple pieces of gear. The item scale can range from common to rare Legendary and can be shown off on kill cams once you destroy your opponent. If you happen to obtain duplicate items you can sell them and even earn a chance to win a Mad Catz Gaming mouse.

Along with new clothes comes some updated matchmaking features including extra cover to hide behind and the ability to see frozen teammates through object. Buy Ratz Instagib from Steam now and enter the code ‘pcgamer’ to give your avatar a free t-shirt.

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