Raw Data Available Now on Oculus Rift

Raw Data, the HTC Vive VR first-person shooter from Survios, is available now on Oculus Rift.

Following the game’s breakout success of HTC Vive, Survios has finally ported that game over to Oculus Rift. While all the content across both versions is the same, Survios has worked to optimize and re-engineer the game to work with Oculus’ two and three camera tracking solution, and Touch controllers. Most exciting is that the Vive and Oculus versions will feature cross-platform play.

“We’re thrilled to officially welcome the Oculus player community to Raw Data,” said James Iliff, Survios co-founder and Chief Creative Officer. “With VR still a young, niche industry, it’s crucial right now for the entire community to be united regardless of platform. We believe VR is ultimately going to be a platform-agnostic medium, and we’re showing our support for that shift starting with Raw Data’s new, cross-platform compatibility. And that’s just the beginning: we’re going to do everything we can to create content for the entire VR community.”

In addition to the Oculus version, Survios has released a ton of new features for both versions. Playable characters Saija and Boss have been balanced with new and reworked abilities. The new missions, Cataclysm, offers players a new, difficult challenge as they descend deep into the Eden Crop’s mysterious Data Chamber.

Raw Data is available for Oculus Rift now in Early Access on Steam and Oculus Home for $39.99. However, those that act fast can get the game 20% off for a limited time.