Rawmen Joins Up With tinyBuild For Soup-Slinging Action

Quebec-based developers Animal have apparently turned a few heads with their upcoming game, Rawmen. Aside from scoring a few Screenshot Saturday features and a nomination for Best Indie Game at E3 from us, it also won the Guest’s Runner Up Prize at the Media Indie Exchange during E3 week. Oh, and the fact that it’s an online third-person action game about naked men fighting each other with soup may have contributed to that head-turning as well. And it certainly was enough to catch the attention of tinyBuild, who announced that they would now be helping to publish it in their PAX West press conference last night.

The trailer below easily shows why tinyBuild would want a title such as this in their lineup. It’s action-packed, bright and colorful, chaotic, funny, and certainly seems perfect for streaming and online shenanigans, all a perfect fit for the style the publisher prefers. No release window has been announced yet, but you can sign up for the alpha at the game’s official site, and expect Rawmen on the PC sometime in the near future.