Razer Releases New Strider L and XXL Mouse Mats

Razer has announced a new mouse mat series that provides lots of space to maneuver a mouse on for gamers. The Razer Strider will come in two available sizes. The Strider L is designed for one quadrant of a desk while the Strider XXL is designed to cover the mouse and keyboard area of a desk. The Strider is made up of a hybrid-mesh material that allows gamers to make the best of both worlds for mouse pads. The proprietary weaved surface combines the glide of a hard mouse pad with the precision of a soft mouse pad.

This community-driven design was tested by gamers ranging from a casual level to hardcore. Tested for over 100 hours with humidity at 61% in the environment, the Strider got a range of feedback focusing on the combination of speed and stopping power along with excellent durability. Razer went to Reddit to get community feedback on what type of mat gamers were looking for.

Both the Strider L and Strider XXL contain a foamy base that provides more stopping power along with anti-fraying stitched edges for greater durability. Players can also expect water resistant coating on the pads and an anti-slip base that will keep the pad in tact without sliding. The Strider is also designed for easy rolling for portability. The Strider L retails for $29.99 while the Strider XXL retails for $49.99.

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