Real Boxing 2 Now Available on Switch With Launch Discount

QubicGames has published a ton of Switch games and now they’re getting into the digital boxing realm with Vivid Games’ mobile conversion Real  Boxing 2. This takes the highly-regarded mobile game and brings its hybrid of sim and arcade gameplay to a console for the first time. Instead of a less-than-ideal on-screen button setup, the Switch version uses a far more intuitive mix of sticks and buttons to enables a more natural-feeling boxing experience.

We have seen other games like the recent Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions bring an arcade flavor to the market, but nothing has quite mixed sim and arcade styles with goofy characters in a 3D space since the Ready 2 Rumble games 20 years ago. The controls are fairly good and for a mobile port, it looks good with just a few wonky collision issues here and there. It’s got a fantastic starting price in the sub-$20 range anyway – but a launch discount takes it to $8.99 right away, and if you own another game from QubicGames, you can get it for $7.79. It’s a great impulse buy at that price for boxing fans.