Reassembly Finishes Constructing Itself, Exiting Early Access February 19

It’s always nice to see a successful Kickstarter project burn through its development period at maximum velocity.  After clearing its Kickstarter funding goal in October, Reassembly landed on Early Access in November and is now scheduled to wrap up its initial development period in just a few days on February 19.  It was already a fully-featured game in the alpha I got to play back during its funding campaign, and since then it’s been constantly updated with engine optimizations, new features, playable factions, and endless bug fixes.  Graduation from Early Access doesn’t mean development is ending, though, but rather that the single-player game is polished enough to stand on its own.  It also means the price is dropping by 50%, so if you’ve been thinking $30 is a bit rich for your blood then $15 should be much more enticing.

For those new to the Reassembly- you start with a ship made of blocks in a giant 2D top-down space sandbox, shoot down enemies made of more blocks in your quest to reach the map center, and can completely descontruct and reconstruct your ship any way you like within an upgradeable point limit.  Hull blocks are free and come in a variety of shapes, so making the prettiest ship imaginable is a matter of design, but affording enough thrusters to move the behemoth, not to mention shields, guns, resource storage bays, missile launchers, lasers, and point defenses is going to be tough on the budget.  You can upload your designs via wormholes found throughout space, and Reassembly will use its player database to spawn random attacks against your bases so you can see just how amazingly talented its fans are at designing crazy-effective death machines.  Once you steal some ideas and start designing ships with a focus on a specific set of strengths you’ll have a much fairer fight on your hands, though, and that’s always nicer than getting eviscerated by an enemy that barely noticed your presence.  Space is swarming with enemy dreadnaughts and fighters ready to turn your careful work into drifting shrapnel, but the right ship with the right parts may be able to not only survive but look great doing it, too.