Rebellion Acquires TickTock Games

TickTock Games has officially transitioned from helping out on Rebellion projects to becoming an arm of Rebellion itself. The studio recently lent their expertise to Rebellion on Rogue Trooper Redux and the Nintendo Switch port of Battlezone Gold Edition. TickTock Games, now Rebellion North, isn’t resting during the transition either. The studio is already working on at least a couple of as yet unannounced Rebellion titles that will potentially launch in the latter portion of 2019.

With this acquisition, Rebellion grows to a total of four studios, and this comes after they purchased a massive facility with the intention to turn it into a film studio. It seems they also have a massive library of comic book IP to draw from now too after purchasing the rights from IPC. Rebellion isn’t a publisher that’s in the limelight very often, but that could change very soon. Studios don’t get this large only to fade into the background after all.

(via Gamasutra)