Rebellion Confirm Four Sniper Elite Projects in Development

If you thought the Sniper Elite series — following on from its acclaimed and rather enjoyable fourth mainline entry, Sniper Elite 4, released in February 2017 — was on the back burner for the time being, you may want to address those presumptions. Today, Rebellion Developments made the surprise announcement that the studio/publisher is underway on not one, not two, but four separate projects within the third-person shooter series. Not all the projects are entirely new however, though for those who may not have experienced past iterations yet, this may well be a second chance and opportunity to see what the IP is all about.

Both a current-gen remaster of Sniper Elite V2 as well as a port of Sniper Elite 3 for Nintendo Switch have been confirmed to be on the way — the former confirmed to release across PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC sometime later in the year. V2 Remastered will come with additional modes and features on top of what was already available in its original iteration and will even support up to 4K resolution for the platforms that allow it. But so far as entirely new projects go, not only is there a VR take on the series in the works, but Rebellion also confirm that “the next major title” is indeed happening, though they stopped short of declaring it to be a supposed Sniper Elite 5. You can see a glimpse of what V2 Remastered looks like in the below trailer, but needless to say, fans of the series certainly have plenty to look forward to in the near future.