Receive a Special Anime Crossover Dracovish for Pokemon Sword, Shield

It was announced recently that Pokemon would be distributing a full collection of Ash’s current team in the ongoing Pokemon anime as a collaboration with the current arc. It’s worth noting that these are technically the Japanese of each Pokemon so they will include names and trainer in Japanese but are still obtainable in every region. The first distribution goes to Dracovish who can be obtained using the following code in the Mystery Gift option of the main menu: GANJ0UAG0882. This code expires on August 25 so be sure to snag it before it’s too late!

The only party member that at this time won’t be available via codes like this is Ash’s Pikachu, who as of right now is only being distributed through one-time use codes in Japan. Be sure to pick up the first of five Pokemon available and we’ll be sure to update with more codes as each one releases!