Recursive Puzzler Maquette Will Bend Minds on the PS5 Too

There was plenty of new information  to chew on during Sony’s PlayStation Indies showcase, but some of the most interesting bits have to be the reveals for Maquette. During its section of the showcase, Anna Purna and Graceful decay announced that Maquette will be coming to PlayStation 5 in addition to the PC and PS4. This is certainly welcome news for puzzle fans, but even more interesting is the short gameplay trailer released alongside the PlayStation 5 announcement.

Recursion is the crux of the puzzle-solving in Maquette. As seen in the trailer, players must figure out how to manipulate objects to take full advantage of the concept. The simplest example is seen right at the beginning of the video: a large, immovable block is blocking the path forward. It would be impossible to affect under normal circumstances, but, in Maquette, all one has to do is find the smaller version of the world, pick up the block and move it however one pleases. This same effect works in reverse too, and players can even travel between different iterations of the world. Indeed, it’s probably safe to say that this trailer only scratches the surface of this mechanic.

Maquette will launch in 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4 and later on PlayStation 5.