Red Dead Redemption Mod Coming to GTA V on PC

Red Dead Redemption released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 nearly ten years ago. It is considered by quiet a few people to be either the best Rockstar game, the best game of the last generation or even the best game of all-time. The game featured an excellent protagonist coupled with an excellent story and even better DLC. Xbox One fans were able to do backwards compatibility with the 360 version, however the game never saw the light of day on PC. This is going to change as a 2 gigabyte mod of the entire Red Dead Redemption universe is being added to Grand Theft Auto V on PC. Those players will finally be able to get a taste of the Wild West.

Going by the name Red Dead Redemption V, the mod is currently in development with beta aimed to start in Summer 2017. The mod team, lead by “Mr. Leisurewear”, plans to bring the full map with additional content added later on. He is also looking to expand his team with more programmers. The mod is being developed with a toolkit known as “.White”. With more time, it is possible that 4K mods will hit RDRV and could reach the level of detail that GTA V has on PC.