Red Thread Games Announces Dustborn

Norwegian developers Red Thread Games are no strangers to notable adventure games, having crafted such previous works as Dreamfall Chapters and Draugen, with individual members having also worked on previous Longest Journey games. And their latest game, revealed today at the Future Games Show, just may end up being their most interesting. Titled Dustborn, it definitely stood out thanks to its art style and setting.

Set in America, the trailer below shows us what appears to be a story of a road trip, with a bunch of kids traveling along a desert highway in a sort of bus/RV hybrid, listening to some classic alternative music…and then we see the robot sidekick, robot driver, and mechanical army about to stop them. Oh, and if the gameplay glimpse at the beginning is any indication, our protagonists may have superpowers that they can use. We don’t know the full plot yet, but a quick gameplay showcase after the trailer debut not only shows this as a third-person adventure game with a heavy comic book style, but it also has a “Wordcraft” gameplay feature, where dialogue will be more important than ever, as the trailer hints at. No release date yet, but Dustborn is due out later for the PC, and looks quite intriguing indeed.