Redemption Reapers, TRPG from Ender Lilies Devs Revealed

The team behind the acclaimed title Ender Lilies has returned with a macabre sophomore debut: Redemption Reapers. In this dark fantasy world hope fades across the land following the sudden appearance of the ruthless Mort armies. Efficient as they are brutal, the murderous forces descend upon civilizations, leaving destruction in the wake of their nightly raids. As entire nations fall to the Mort onslaught, the Ashen Hawk Brigade, a contingent of mercenaries specializing in surprise tactics, band together to fight back against the invading legions.

Players will lead the Ashen Hawk Brigade across tactical skirmishes in 3D environments, employing special skills and strategies for victory. A reveal trailer for the title shows off its X-COM style gameplay set against a Lord of the Rings-esque backdrop. Featuring a gritty, mature story of wartime struggles, Redemption Reapers sees the rise of a band of rag-tag troops climb from the shadows of obscurity to the status of folk-legends. Redemption Reapers will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam for Windows PC in February 2023.

Check out the trailer below: