Redfall’s New Trailer Heads ‘Into the Night’ to Reveal Some Threats

Bethesda and develop Arkane Austin’s upcoming open-world vampire-hunting FPS Redfall won’t arrive until next year, but with Halloween approaching, it’d be a massive missed opportunity to not at least deliver a new trailer for the game. Hence the game’s latest trailer, dubbed “Into the Night,” which you can check out below. Aside from revealing that one of the game’s settings is a rather seasonally appropriate Harvest Days festival held by the titular island town, the latest clip gives us a good look at some of the game’s enemies, who won’t be going down without a fight.

So what kinds of horrors will you (and your friends, if you choose to play co-op) be going up against? Well, there’s a the Angler, who can grab you and lure you in before ripping into your flesh. The Watcher, pierces the night with sniper-like vision. There’s a bunch of deranged cultists, naturally, disappearing vampires, weird angelic beings, and more. Oh, and a sightseeing tour that features such ominous visuals as giant pulsating hearts, chained up bells located in caverns, lots of writing and drawing in blood, and a lot more. Needless to say, players may want to sharpen their stakes even further before Redfall comes out for next year for XSX and PC, where you’ll also be able to play it with Game Pass on day one.