Redout 2 Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Redout 2 has been out for a bit on other consoles and on PC, and is now available on Nintendo Switch. This futuristic racing series has become beloved for delivering Wipeout-inspired thrills with copious amounts of reasonably-priced DLC, making it one of the better values in racing games and the best value for futuristic racing fans more often than not – especially on PC.

After a side game offering up Star Fox-like thrills, Redout 2 raises the stakes with higher speeds and more tracks than ever before. There is an increase in customization as well with 12 different chassis to work with alongside a ton of physical parts and paint schemes, while those looking to capture the beauty of their creations can do so with the photo mode. The game is available on the eShop now for $29.99 and will have two future DLC packs down the road alongside its season pass, which is only $15 when you buy it in the deluxe edition of the game.